Oct 20

Score Big As A Parvati Goddess At Parvati Lifestyle Salon & Spa In New Hyde Park, New York

Parvati Lifestyle Lifestyle Salon & Spa in New Hyde Park, NY offers its clients a unique rewards-based membership program. A lifestyle reward membership boutique, salon and spa, Parvati Lifestyle provides services that include facials, threading, waxing, make up, hair cutting and styling and henna tattoos.

Parvati Lifestyles membership rewards program has three steps to it: Join, Live and Spread. Upon joining the lifestyle for free, you earn reward points as you purchase services. For every $1 you spend, you receive 1,000 membership reward points when you receive 150,000 reward points and are then awarded $150 worth of free services. This is the first phase of membership- JOIN.

When youve accumulated 500,000 reward points, you may redeem them for $150 worth of free services. This is when you move on to the second phase of membership- Live.

When you complete the live phase of the Parvati Lifestyle, you are upgraded to Parvati Goddess status. This gives you the ability to start referring people for membership and earning reward points for doing so. For every friend you refer, both of you are awarded $150 in free services, and your friend earns their first 150,000 reward points and completes their Join phase- and that isnt all! Youre able to earn more reward points when you use our Parvati Promises feedback service after receiving your Goddess treatment at the spa, when you book an appointment and even when you engage with us over social media on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Parvati Goddesses are also eligible for special, members-only discounts every single month.

As a part of our Parvati Accelerates rewards program, were giving a few, select members the opportunity to accelerate their membership status to that of Parvati Goddess. This means those members who have already accumulated about 250,000 reward

Oct 20

Massage Therapy A Must For Your Well Being

Everyone needs a little relaxation after work; most of the job now days are done by sitting on a chair in front of computer. Sitting in a chair for long time induce back pain, neck pain also induce lots of stress. Some even feel foot numb because of keeping the leg idle for long time. So people look for someone to massage their body for a while so they may feel relax.

Massage therapy helps to recover from some pain conditions like neck pain, foot pain and low back pain etc., for cancer patients massage therapy helps reduce the pain at least for a short time. And also head massage reduces depression, some therapist say their massage may help to gain weight. Few health risks may involve, because for some people massage therapy may not suit. Consulting the doctor before proceeding with massage therapy is advisable. There are different types of massage has been done as per the client needs, foot massage, back pain massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage. In Thailand elephants are used to do massages as part of fun and it also helps
reducing pain.

Massage centre

Massage therapy center business arises all over country as people demanded for massage. Some universities started short time course on massage therapies to train people and certificates also issued. Peoples are advice to visit a certified therapist as there are certain standards have been followed by professionals, and to online sites where made available to find whether the therapist is certified or not.

Mostly in California, sudden rises in foot massage San Jose for old people suffering in foot pain and full body massage therapy opened in bay area. Some people choose their home as work place and clients visit the therapist home and takes the massage

Oct 20

Hit The Spa With Some Invigorating Spa Party Games And Printable Activities Designed For Fun

Organizing a very special Spa party for close friends will begin with planning a variety of Spa party games and printable activities. More often than not, this party is very special and is intended to be a quiet and relaxing party. Therefore, having very low key party games and printable activities will make the party very popular.

A special Spa party will include massages, facials and more than likely good food. These great additions, along with Spa party games and printable activities, will make the party the event of the season among your friends. For this reason two great games for this party would be Two Truths and a Lie and I Have You Have. Both of these games are perfect for getting together with friends and having fun. Playing Two Truths and Lie is the perfect Spa party game.

This game along with Spa party printable activities such as word searches, word scrambles and Spa crossword puzzles will add a lot to the party. Two Truths and a Lie can be played a variety of ways, but the simplest ways it to have the guests all write three facts about themselves on index cards. Of the facts recorded, two are true and one is a lie. All of the cards are then placed in a basket and when the time comes to play the game one card is chosen. The three statements are read, and everyone tries to guess who wrote them; after they have guessed correctly, they must then determine which one is a lie. This game is ideal for a relaxing Spa party and more often than not will add a great deal to the Spa party. Most people will find that hosting a Spa party will be a lot of fun and the addition

Oct 18

Fitness Equipment That Will Get Your Heart Pumping And Burn Those Unwanted Pounds

The best way to lose weight is to diet and exercise. Sometimes finding time to hit the gym can be tough. That is why most people have at least some fitness equipment in their home. Being able to lift some weights and do some cardio exercises from the comfort of your home is by far the very best option. Who wants to go to the gym and work out every single day? And you will need to workout almost every single day to see the benefits you are looking for. It is so much nicer to use your own fitness equipment and watch television while you run, walk, lift and sweat. You can burn calories and pounds without leaving your home with your very own home fitness equipment.

Choosing what is going to work best for you in your home is very important. Fitness equipment comes in many levels of cost, quality and brands. You want to be sure the fitness equipment you get will last and have the effect you want. You will be able to choose from bikes and home gyms as well as tread mills and elliptical machines.

To burn calories you will want a tread mill, a stationary bike or maybe an elliptical machine. All of these pieces of fitness equipment will give you a good cardio workout. They will get your heart rate up and get you burning fat and calories. If you are looking to bulk up or tone then you will want a weight set like a home gym. This will allow you to lift varying amounts of weights and really work on your target areas…just like at the gym.

Fitness equipment will get you started but then you need to follow through. The fitness equipment doesn’t use itself. You need to

Oct 17

Strategies To Transform Your Spa Reception Department

The Reception Department can make or break your spa or medi spa. Let’s start with the major mistakes spa owners or leaders make in regard to the reception department.

1. Management mistakes leaders make with the Reception Department .

Not having a receptionist – This is a sure way to kill your business. Believe it or not, we still hear that some people don’t have a receptionist.
Not having formal training for your receptionist or not having a Department Manual – this is a recipe for lack of consistency, and a disaster waiting to happen
Thinking all you need is someone to answer the phone – order takers instead of revenue generators. Yes, they will answer the phone, but how much money are you losing?
Not setting performance targets or expectations for the team – if you don’t measure, you can’t improve
Getting paid a flat hourly rate – no motivation to excel
Not focusing on sales – we have this phobia about selling, but guess what if you don’t sell, you won’t grow.
Not having an effective software program

2. Avoid missing revenue generating opportunities

I recently conducted a secret shopper spa assessment and I have to tell you, the spa receptionist totally missed the boat. It started with my assistant making the reservation.
They did not attempt to recommend multiple treatments to me.
When I checked in, they failed to recommend another treatment again.
When I checked out, they failed to ask for my next spa appointment. They did not discuss boutique items with me. They did not ask me to complete a guest comment card, nor did they ask for my testimonials

Oct 16

Fitness Training Portland Services Develops Good Personality

Fitness is not just about improving health condition but also about improving your personality. Many people tend to practice exercises at home following videos and several such other ways. This may help to shed a few pounds only, but you do not reap the overall benefit of exercising in this way. For that, it is important to join a fitness training Portland class where you get that environment, which is perfect for exercising. While joining the classes, you gain proper knowledge about the benefits of exercising. You also come to know exactly how you should do this and at what proportion to gain long-term result. When you follow proper methods of exercising, it not only makes you slim and young, but also develops a sporty personality in you that easily overcome all hurdles.

Fitness Trainer Portland and You:
Even the expert and veteran exercisers suggest that modification is the key to gain result through exercising. Practicing the same exercises day after day seems to bore to many people and they then decide to give up. However, is not it a better option to bring some changes in your exercise schedule instead of giving up this healthy practice? A personal trainer in Portland who supervises the classes help you choose alternative yet effective exercises following your so long schedule.

For example, if you are practicing cardio exercises then he or she will suggest you what alternative exercises give you the same result but do not feel you bore. Moreover, modification is also important to make your body receptive to more exercising and a certified trainer makes it possible in all the ways.

Exercising and Daily Life:
Sometime people feel frustrated and do not want to move ahead, especially when they you face constant failure. The same happens with exercising as you do not like

Oct 16

Spa Types – The 5 Common Categories Of Spa

Spa stands for salus per aqua, which means healing by water. According to Wikipedia, the term spa is related to some form of water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. In layman”s terms, a spa is a place where you can receive spa treatments, most commonly facial, massage, and body treatments.

A regular visit to the spa brings release of stress, rejuvenate your mind and body.

There are many types of spa in the current industry. And it’s very important to know the difference so you get to enjoy what you are searching for.

Day Spa. A day spa delivers spa treatments on a day-use basis. It is something that people can enjoy every day. It can be located in a shopping mall, workplace complex, shop-office, or any other designated commercial zone. And it usually provides a comprehensive treatment menu which includes massage, body, waxing and facial and some form of water based treatment.

Destination Spa. Its primary purpose is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle through spa services, physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthy cuisine and special interest programming. Usually, more than two-night stay. Some even have a requirement of minimum stay of three or seven nights. Some destination spas are located in exotic places.

Resort/Hotel Spa. A spa that located within a hotel or resort. It offers spa services, fitness classes and spa cuisine. It is a good choice when one person wants spa and the other would like to do something else for example golf or tennis. It also works for business travellers and families.

Medical Spa. A medical spa is also known as medispa or med-spa is often a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the full-time supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. It offers

Oct 13

Keep your body fit with available products in the market.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Whatever may be the problem arises in the body, ultimately it affects your mind and heart which ultimately hinders your performance. And this cannot be afforded by you due to every growing pressure in personal and professional life. So to beat others in every race of life you need to be on upper stage and be always in fit condition. Whether its anxiety, joint pain or fatigue, you need to be active if not hyper active to win the race with great efficiency. And for attaining this you need not do much as the market is flooded with such relieving products. But you need to make sure that you pick up the most perfect article for yourself. Following is given a short description for products which can help you to relieve from different types of body stress:- >

If you are feeling low because of your joint pain or arthritis then the best reliever for you is Elmore Oil. This oil is efficient enough which makes you get rid of severe pain in muscles and other joints of your body. Whether its inflammation or swelling, Lower back pain or hip pain it is the best cure of all types of pains. The gentle massage of the oil will do the work and make the wonders happen for you.

If you are looking for something like stimulator than also the cure is available in the market. Not only in the medicinal form but also in mechanical form. Hi dow Pain pod is a nerve stimulator which gives you instant relief from the pain and other types of cramps. Being safe to use it is opted by many people to get drug free treatment for their pain and problems.

If tiredness is your problem

Oct 13

Volleyball Training System Reviewed

Introduction to Volleyball Skills/p>

The 4 corners of the volleyball court provide enough challenge for ballers to play intelligently. Each player must provide the correct skill to match up with their opponents – upholding the true spirit competition. A combination of this skill will sum up to a successful play that can be appreciated by volleyball players and fans.


Serving is used to begin the play. It is done by swing an arm into the ball, delivering it over the net, and into the opponent’s court.


Another volleyball skill is passing. It is the act of sending the ball to a teammate so that he can either drive the ball and score a point or prepare and set the ball for a spiker to attack. Passing can be done in two methods namely, the dig and the bump.


Once the ball is passed to a player, he has a choice to set the ball. Setting is the act of moving the ball up high to prepare an attacker or spiker.

Setting involves touching the ball with finger pads and immediately fully extending the arms.


As the ball is set, a spiker can come rushing in to drive the ball towards the opponent’s court. Spiking can be done in two basic shots, cross-court shot and baseline shot. Once the opponents has witnessed how your team can successfully deliver a hit, you can now employ other offensive options such as dinks and tips.


A counter against spiking is blocking. When correctly done, a defending team can block, sending the ball back soon after the attack, or if not, slow down the driven ball for another defender to dig.

Blocking needs you to stand facing the net with extended arms above the head, anticipating to deflect the ball

Oct 10

Great Fitness Accessories For Less Than $99-check Out These 4

If you shop around youll find many of these items in your local sports shop.

1.A Sports Mat
This is a very popular item. They are also called stretching mats and not terribly expensive ranging from $7 to $40. They are great for doing your warm-up and stretching exercises.

They are also used when doing pilates and yoga. They can be stored easily, either under the bed and rolled up stored upright in a closet. Some mats have a sticky film coating which helps you to remain steady during your workout and aids balance.

2. A Workout Diary
This might seem like a strange fitness item but it can help with your motivation. When you start off a new fitness regime it important to keep track of the type and number of exercises you are doing. If you have it with you, its easy to check where youre at in your daily workout.

You could use an ordinary notebook, but the workout diary is purposely designed for keeping note of all your workout activities and some give space for nutrition notes, so it can double up as a food diary. The cost is around $20 or less for one of these diaries and is well worth it.

3.Sporting Socks
Socks arent always the first item on your fitness list, but they are a vital element in your sport attire. Nowadays, you can find just about every kind of sock designed for every type of sport. Lets not forget that socks are a buffer between the shoe and the foot and so they can help prevent blisters, calluses and other such nasty and uncomfortable shoe-friction problems.

Choose wisely and research your socks before buying. The general cost is between $7 and $15 and they vary in

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